Sukkah-Doodle-Doo! A Holiday to Crow About
by Margie Blumberg
MB Publishing

"Happy plans are being made–
The Mindels are delighted.
Did I fail to mention it?
Of course, you’re all invited!”"

The Mindel family prepares for and celebrates Sukkot in this festive and fun children’s book. Shelley and Jimmy, the two children in the family, help their parents build the sukkah in which they will eat their holiday meals. They also help decorate and prepare the food for their family’s Sukkot celebration, and both children find their own way to make the festivities special. Shelley writes a song for their gathering, and when four toads find their way to the dinner table, Jimmy becomes the hero of the day. The siblings bond over Jimmy’s first lost tooth before bed, ready to continue celebrating Sukkot when the morning comes. Rounding out the tale, the book’s back matter contains songs, recipes, a glossary, and a simple explanation of Sukkot.

The sweet family story in this book is appropriate for any age. Toddlers can enjoy the sing-songy rhyming text throughout, and smaller side details like jokes will keep older children entertained. The attention to detail is stunning: all of the side text, including the planned menu or Shelley’s music box instructions, is written in rhyme. The busy, cheerful illustrations contain additional fun details. For example, glitter remains on Jimmy’s clothes for several pages after he finishes decorating. The family dog appears on almost every page, participating in the fun.

While the story centers on Sukkot, its real focus seems to be on togetherness and family. Jimmy and Shelley enjoy each other’s company and cooperate with their parents to prepare for the celebration. In the humorous climax of the story, everyone works together to secure the invading toads in a sukkah of their own. This book is certain to delight young readers whether they celebrate Sukkot every year or if this is the first time they have encountered the holiday.

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