Sunshine: The Intrusion: A Novel
by Thomas G. Elmer
PageTurner Press and Media

"I was not finding being the hunted very much fun. I’ve found it's always better to be the hunter."

Wade Hampton spent five years in the backwoods of Canada, building a life of solitude in perfect harmony with nature. He focused on routine and being self-reliant. His journey takes an abrupt U-turn when a plane crashes into his lake. Rescuing the two people from the wreck brings with it colossal problems. Not only are the survivors children, but an upstart cartel lord is also hunting them. Wade faces a flood of conflicting emotions about the awful actions required to keep them safe. He slips easily back into a former mentality as his extensive training takes over. Muscle memory enables him to act quickly, ensuring the three escape through the wilderness. He wasn't only leaving the city and modern conveniences behind when he disappeared into the tundra. Was he secretly hoping that if he vanished from society, his horrible past would fade away, too?

Elmer creates exhilarating action set in breathtaking wild scenery. His vivid descriptions of the landscape draw readers into the adventure. He crafts superb tension between action sequences and emotionally wrought scenes that provides a deeper connection to the characters. Captivating chases through rough country and encounters with dangerous animals and treacherous men keep the audience on edge. Readers will be anxiously waiting for what happens next. This novel offers a thrilling story featuring powerful character development and the classic battle between good and evil. It is skillfully written with a compelling plot. Elmer is a talented author, and he has crafted a story that will appeal to a wide audience who will be ready for the next installment before they turn the last page.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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