"I believe that we are like a patchwork quilt comprised of bits and pieces of everyone who has passed through and made an impression on our lives."

Not meant to be a factual document, what is gathered here are marvelous recollections of events as they impressed a baby boomer writing for her children and grandchildren. A strong spellbinder, Angelle writes about people who have taught her "how to love, to laugh, to enjoy life," as well as to learn from her successes and failures.

The author painstakingly and vividly explores topics and places in effective and well-constructed detail. These include her parents' families, her earliest memories, Christmas, grandparents, preteen woes, feeding animals, taking vacations, making her home in the desert, making a profession out of volunteering, and more. She intersperses black and white photos throughout various chapters, adding more intimate dimensions.

Imparting a close-up view into a charmed, well-packed adventuresome life, the narrative sometimes makes readers feel right there with her, waiting for that pot of coffee to brew in the cafeteria. They follow her promotions in jobs, watch her increases in salaries, and root for her. Readers vicariously enjoy various meals with her and reminisce about her friends. They go home with her for Thanksgiving, get into scrubs for births, and experience the birth of her sixth child by natural childbirth. Then there is the fun of dressing up as Santa Claus, going on trips to Texas, and enjoying camping.

Difficult times are also present as readers follow her mother's bout with cancer. Through it all, the author communicates her strong belief that people are who they are because of the people they meet who influence them along the way. The author conveys a vast array of experiences with infectious zeal, making for an entertaining read.

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