The Adventures of Prince Elliot: Riding Through the Towns
by Rosini A. H.
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"Duke Henry shared that he was familiar with the story of a genie being thrown into the sea by an angry noble who was on a passing vessel many decades ago."

Prince Elliot decides to travel across England to visit his uncle, Duke Henry. On his trip, he encounters a princess locked in a tower. There is a line of suitors outside the edifice waiting for a turn to attempt to solve the number puzzle which will open it. Prince Elliot meets a cobbler who knows more about the situation than he initially admits. Later, Elliot comes across a village in dire straits due to a lack of rain. There is a witch in a cave who may have the power to help, but the villagers don’t trust her. Eventually, the prince is looking across the sea when a bottle drifts up to his feet. He is truly surprised when a large, complaining genie emerges and calls him master.

Rosini’s collection contains the first three stories about Prince Elliot from a planned, three-book set. Despite a few small grammatical errors, her writing is concise and easy to follow. She has created a likable character in the prince who always stops to help someone in need. Although there are some illustrations in the book, it is text heavy and will most likely need to be read to children until they become proficient at reading on their own. All three stories are charming and make small twists from similar stories. Parents, caregivers, and educators looking for an easily read tale to discuss with little ones in their care will find these quick reads engaging for their young audience with their easy-to-discuss narrative elements.

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