The Amherst Protocol
by Richard Whitney
PageTurner Press and Media

"Clay felt as though Bill was reading aloud... novels by Clancy or Flynn or Ludlum books he had read as a teenager to offset ‘the classics’..."

Clayton Tucker and Brian Singh are ace reporters. Following up on a story related to the 1967 first heart transplant, the team uncovers disturbing details about cloning and viruses being researched by Pontiac. A key employee there, Kent, arranges for the application of MacroSkin and eye reflectors, which allow Clay and Brian access to the biochemical facility in Sarajevo. Both men receive spy training to impersonate doctors being transferred to work in level four areas following a recent fatal containment breach. Clay is to import Alastor data files from Pontiac's system using a new, secure copy routine. Assigned shielded suits, they are given a lab tour and introduced to the female weapon, a robotic carrier of the Ebola virus.

When he learns of the reporters' breach and subsequent escape, the Colonel commands the director first to move the female weapon to Uzbekistan. Then he orders key security staff killed and the lab to be "sterilized"—destroyed by the reactor. Can a dedicated cast of media people prove wise enough to derail a deadly train already set in motion?

In this book, Whitney has masterfully produced a true page-turner. Like the lover of spy stories his ace character claims to be, the author fills every chapter with intrigue, dastardly characters, travel to distant lands, and post-2040 technology. Flashbacks lay the groundwork to captivate readers. A cliffhanger ending forces them to wonder if such brave attempts to stop a worldwide catastrophe is indeed futile. Technology buffs will likely study the author's ideas on future communications. This timely and fast-action spy drama urgently pursues corruption in high places. Ruthless people are paid to kill, and innocent people will die in a thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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