The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace
by Carolyn CJ Jones
Gate Lady Publishing

"It’s as if someone was saying, because you don’t understand something, have a question, or need a hand, you’re defective for some reason."

Demonstrating the dichotomy between a life lived in two entirely different worlds, Jones holds nothing back in describing her own journey and providing a pathway for others to achieve the same level of peace. At its core, the narrative is an opportunity to experience authentic introspection and tackle heavy topics like anger and resentment head-on.

When Jones describes her former life—one fueled by Miller Lites and cocaine for nearly three decades—the authenticity is noticeable. Being human implies a life of pain, but whether the individual tries to flee the pain (and in the process allows the resentment to fester) or embraces it is entirely up to the individual. The author's relatability creates a safe space for readers to not just reflect on their own loss, but more importantly, to utilize a vital set of tools that will lead them toward the path of peace and contentment. Specifically, the YIPPEE method is a direct path to liberation from one's self prison.

While there is no magic fix, which is imperative for audiences to understand, Jones dwells on her discovery of God, whom she calls Spirit. Whether it is communicating her feelings with Spirit through writing or the spoken word, she emphasizes the importance of processing one's feelings of rejection and denial. One particular compelling moment that resonates strongly is Jones encountering the compassion and kindness of a complete stranger, Brad, on a particularly challenging day.

Overall, Jones takes abstract topics such as positive affirmations and delivers a set of exercises for readers that help them transition from being recipients of the action to impartial observers. With its well-written prose, raw personal experiences, and actionable advice, Jones's text proves to be a meaningful read.

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