"Do you choose humility and let wisdom follow, or do you choose pride and head toward disgrace?"

This large-format inspirational book interprets the conflict between the wise person and the fool presented from two chapters of the book of Proverbs. These chapters contain contrasting verses that each form a couplet. The author uses both pictures and words to explain, or rather convey, insights gained from years of biblical memorization and meditation.

A verse title from Proverbs and a large full-color photo begin each section of the book. Centered around the couplet is a short story told from the first-person perspective. The problem between the wise and foolish is presented, an internal response or person-to-person interaction occurs, and then a satisfying observation leads to a conclusion. Laid out below is a question to the reader concerning the Bible verse followed by a smaller shot of the title photo with a brief explanation/attribution. White space is effectively used to highlight each. The illustrations often aptly show nature or animals contrasted with man-made objects or signs of human influence. The clear-seeing eye of the photographer emphasizes every aspect.

The author has created the whole book to become a single tale of juxtaposition. Readers almost feel like they are being led out into the quiet desert to listen for God speaking. An observer of life, Fabian travels around the world as a speaker, using her training in psychology and Bible knowledge to engage with cultures, people groups, and religions. Many photos were taken in African and Arabian countries. This volume, presented with narratives and photos, is a journey toward wisdom that can grace a coffee table or serve as a devotional and family teaching tool.

A 2021 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist, as well as a da Vinci Eye Winner

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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