The Book of Care
by DeAnna LoCoco
PageTurner Press and Media

"My restful focus is in the Silence of meditation. I take time to take time to consciously restore. It’s as close as one conscious breath."

Author, grandmother, businesswoman, and activist LoCoco says her own journey to inner peace begins with a “tranquil heart,” and her life’s work seeks to foster change not only on a personal level but for greater humanity. “Life is a verb, and motion is its essence,” writes LoCoco. The vast nature of that motion—or energy—is explored here in a fascinating fashion, touching on an extraordinarily wide array of interconnected key concepts. Beingness, illumination, gratitude, authenticity, radiance, karma, the ego, peace, consciousness, harmony, and balance are but a few examples of key elements scattered, like shining gemstones of wisdom, throughout LoCoco’s work. Each individual “gemstone” is set on its own new page, titled, and contains only a few lines of nuanced, poetic thought. It is precisely this minimalist, carefully curated fashion in which the author has crafted the book that enhances the subject matter and proves to be its greatest strength.

LoCoco’s unique book would make a wonderful gift for almost any occasion. It is the kind of book one can easily enjoy during one sitting, as it is a light and expressive literary experience. This is also perhaps the epitome of the type of collection where the reader can open to literally any page at random, discover some timeless wisdom through these small nuggets of poetic expression, and read entirely using random page selection. Each page stands alone in its wit and beauty. As such, when taken as a whole, the effect is even more pronounced, placing an emphasis on how the energy of seemingly “invisible reality shaping everything on every level of all life” can enlighten, guide, and heal, all while radiating an insightful, soulful glistening.

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