The Christmas Light
by Dian Cooper
LifeRich Publishing

"Allie sang ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus’ as she giggled and danced around the living room."

In this colorful children’s book, young readers meet Bright, an abandoned Christmas light whose owner has forgotten him in the attic for years. Bright lies tucked away, believing he will never leave the box again. Yet his friend Mr. Mouse wonders if this will be the Christmas that Bright is removed from the box and allowed to shine. Young readers see Mrs. Smith, Bright’s owner, give Bright and many other decorations hope as she chooses Bright and the other lights as Christmas decorations. When Mrs. Smith vows that the box of Christmas lights in which Bright lives will never return to the attic, Bright’s life changes forever. As children follow Bright’s journey, they also encounter important messages about faith, family, and everyone they meet along life’s way.

Bright’s adventures will inspire young readers to remember their talents and strive to reach their fullest potential. His interaction with Mr. Mouse, Mrs. Smith, and many other characters will remind them about the importance of kindness. Bright isn’t the only character to offer valuable life lessons. Mrs. Smith does, too, especially as she remembers that even as one ages, a person's purpose and existence are still important to those around them. The book also bears an important message about how treating others with kindness can help one reach one’s full potential and provide happiness. The colorful illustrations match the book’s themes about being a compassionate force in others’ lives and are sure to engage wee ones just as much as the story. This book is truly a light in children’s literature, and it will leave young readers inspired to do better not only for themselves but also for others.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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