The Coming: Footpath to the End of the Age
by David Heeren
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"Everything was different, despite the official mantra that nothing had changed."

In Heeren’s eerie yet inspiring tale, Charles Morgen and his wife, Vera, are approaching New York City in 2027. That venue has become the seat of the US government, dictated by its new president, Adam. Charles, a devout Christian (and the previous president), has disturbing visions of what is happening to his suddenly altered, once free, nation—visions based on biblical prophecies of the end times. He and Vera set out from Florida in one of the few automobiles in use after gas prices have risen astronomically in the name of protecting the environment. Of course, Adam and his ilk travel freely in limousines and private planes.

Soon the couple will be hiking, and as they journey, Charles delivers prophetic sermons. Secretly, his speeches are being filmed by Adam’s agents. The couple’s apprehension and punishment seem certain. Meanwhile, scientists warn Adam of possible fiery comets and other planetary phenomena poised to hit, maybe destroy, earth. The Morgens wonder if Adam is really human. Why does he have only one name? Guided by God, Charles and Vera wonder, wander, hope, and pray to prevent, if possible, what they believe is a looming doomsday scenario.

Heeren, a seasoned fiction writer whose books have included other sagas laden with biblical imagery, has constructed a lively conception of the apocalypse predicted in the Holy Bible. Charles, Vera, and others often quote from biblical sources, indicating the author’s dedicated research into this vast, perennially fascinating subject matter. The situations in which the Morgens become mired are sometimes horrific, but their courage is sustained by uplifting miraculous incidents. Their positive roles and the perfidies of the book’s villain are imaginatively drawn by Heeren, whose latest offering is sure to attract readers across a broad spectrum to this gripping, action-fraught vision grounded in biblical prophecy.

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