The Cordillera
by Luis Rousset

"My uncle taught me to love and respect the mountains, to overcome the fear of climbing them. They are my life, these mountains, the Cordilleras."

The dynamic life of Jacques Laurent unfolds in this action-packed, adventurous story that moves lightning-fast through his formative years in France and Argentina to his training and work for the secretive government agency that recruits him out of school. Crisscrossing the globe, Jacques is forever torn between the quiet life available to him on his uncle’s estancia in Argentina and the thrilling life offered through his work for the security agency. With each mission, he is drawn deeper into a tangled network of conflicted loyalties, dangerous liaisons, and impossible choices. When Jacques is reunited with a former lover with ties to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, he dreams of a peaceful life on the estancia, but he and Irina may be in too deep to build a life together. As agents for their countries, they are bound to serve when duty calls and sends them far and wide away from each other.

Combining action and romance with travel and adventure, Rousset’s novel masterfully tells a gripping story full of intrigue and authenticity. Rousset’s attention to detail and enthralled commitment to international settings makes this a satisfying read that is compelling to the very end. Jacques is an intriguing protagonist with genuine conflict, varied interests, and skillful attributes, which he brings to his relationships and to the missions he is sent on through his clandestine work. Whether he is rescuing priests or missionaries, tailing a hired assassin, or chasing terrorists, Jacques is a determined and capable man constantly on the move across continents and diverse locales. Every obstacle becomes a daring adventure to conquer, like Jacques’ beloved mountain ranges that fascinate him and loom large in his psyche as a metaphor for life.

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