"Getting to know ourselves is difficult, and it takes time and dedication."

Author Rotaru recalls the many amazing events of his life as seen through the lens of what he terms "spiritual psychalysis." Born in poverty in the Republic of Moldova, he learned to survive in an often corrupt system while being inculcated with high self-sacrifice and hard work values. A good student, he aspired to a career in medicine, requiring numerous levels of exams along with bribes and promises to university and other officials. While studying psychiatry, he met his future wife. Together, they would move often, raise children, work and live in foreign climes, survive hardships, and experience both near starvation and material prosperity. Through these changing scenarios, Rotaru began to see the handiwork of God, subtly but directly guiding him to successes, sometimes through exposing his failures. Here he recounts many occasions when God directed him to turn new corners and perceive events as spiritually infused.

Rotaru, now residing in Canada, has much thought-provoking philosophy to share, including his views of the infeasibility of a purely communistic system, the need for an understanding of the relation between our physical selves and the realm of energy and deity as seen in the world's great religions, and the importance of recognizing and following the signals from God that are delivered in small, sometimes incongruous incidents or dreams by developing what is known as the "sixth sense." In presenting so many such situations over the course of his life thus far, he gives the reader many clues to our innate connectivity with God. He helpfully offers other sources for further exploration, including the example of Sri Aurobindo and the works of Neale Donald Walsch. Having moved both physically and spiritually through various countries, governments, and lifestyle changes, Rotaru has much wisdom to impart to thoughtful and like-minded readers.

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