The Divine Body
by Sabije Dervishi Veseli
Christian Faith Publishing

"God created us as human beings, and we return again to God as divine beings."

In 1989, seventeen-year-old Veseli was troubled by mysterious sensations that she could not understand or share with others. Though she was still living in daily, earthly reality, she was also infused with a far broader consciousness as a Croatian soldier who fought and died in World War II began to "visit" her. This led Veseli to investigate the inherent spiritual possibilities, using the Bible and the Quran for reference. She learned that there are different portions of heaven in Islam: one is for those who have followed Allah, and another is especially designed for those killed (martyred) in war. She was able to join the unnamed soldier in the latter, where she perceived three colors—purple, red, and dark-red, corresponding to the color of priestly robes specified by God to Moses in the Old Testament. These were the facts she was able to gather, along with her strong sense that departed souls may return to human life, blessed with divine intelligence and able to predict the future.

Veseli is a competent writer and is noted as "the first Albanian author to show an interest in writing horror stories." She has composed numerous fiction books. This memoir, however, is based on actual occurrences and thirty years of research into the mysteries of the afterlife. It is filled with thought-provoking questions, designed to open minds and hearts to the truths she has uncovered through her early life experience—the unsettling sensation of being overseen and indeed inhabited by an etheric presence. She helpfully provides sketches of the symbolic appearance of such a presence, based on her period of mystical seeking. Her book can be appreciated by anyone who has similarly been touched by or transported to realms beyond ordinary reality as well as those who may wish to be.

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