The Domain of Arrogance
by Charles David Grotsky

"'Jason has had a change of heart. I want you to contact him. The two of you must work together. Find allies you can trust.'"

For years, as many as a few thousand people have been vanishing from the American Southwest, disappearing without a trace. Jenny Spadaro has been working the cases from the Phoenix FBI office with not much to go on. Unfortunately for Jenny, these missing person incidents have just gotten personal with the vanishing of her twin sister in Albuquerque. Worried and with the clock ticking, Jenny gets pulled into a massive conspiracy of some of the most powerful people in the world on a scale impossible to imagine. Making unlikely allies and with the clock ticking on a disaster of an apocalyptic scale, it won’t merely be enough to rescue all of the missing people. With the fate of humanity at stake, a few individuals will have to topple a cabal of the richest and strongest people on the planet.

This story wastes no time in hooking the reader with one suspenseful punch after another, setting up multiple compelling mysteries in the span of just a few pages. The mixture of historical spirituality and cutting-edge science fiction has a long tradition of pairing nicely, and this story is no exception. Once the stage has been set, the various characters and their backgrounds in the military, research, law enforcement, and beyond set the tableau for a variety of attitudes and approaches that complement each other perfectly. The extended length of this story will not only serve to keep readers entertained for quite some time but also gives the author ample opportunity to set multiple schemes in motion and provide a satisfying payoff for each and every one. Readers who like a mixture of action, danger, and the story of humanity overcoming the hardest odds will sink right into this gripping tale.

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