The Face of Expression
by Aaron Woodson

"I’d rather cherish the love we’ve shared… than perish from not knowing what could have transpired between us."

In sincerely written short essays, readers discover energizing insights about love, life, and faith. Pieces like "Cherish the Moment" read like poetic snapshots and offer sage advice: "May we cherish the moment we soared together into heaven until the end of time!" Other pieces like "Stand Your Ground" read like brief, passionate prayers as they encourage readers to "Expect the unexpected." "The Interview" challenges one to take a more compassionate look at others, and "Rejuvenated" reminds people of faith that "there is nothing more powerful than healing" and that "God is the master of this practice." The book concludes with the powerful reminder that a person should "walk in the truth," "be the light," and "bring it everywhere you go."

Every essay in this book offers something different, ranging from professional advice about interacting with others to insightful messages about living a meaningful, fulfilled life. The essays' speaker shares life's experiences with a clear, honest, relatable voice that will engage readers of all ages and backgrounds. The pieces blend everyday events and interests with spiritual and romantic insights and, most notably, much-needed messages about how to respect and treat others. This is a refreshing read because it focuses on and uplifts life's positive elements. This focus makes each essay like a beam of light shining through a seemingly impenetrable darkness. Readers seeking a new, more personal type of daily devotional will appreciate this work. With its contemporary themes, the book is also relatable and accessible for those who seek a guide to purposeful living rather than a spiritual experience.

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