The Faithful and the Damned: Demon of the Swamp
by Edmund A. Wise Jr.
Author Reputation Press

"Prophecy is the ability to have faith in what is shown and told to us through a sixth sense that remains unproven to the world of men, just like magic."

An ancient prophecy comes to fruition when the succubus demon princess Atrakithis gets released from her bottled prison. She forcefully mates with and kills Jacob Farmouth's father, William, before planting her spawn in Hockamock Swamp to drain away all the life in that area and gain enough power to unleash the forces of the Underworld upon the earth. As a result, the residents of the nearby town of Clearmont, Massachusetts, soon find themselves plunged into a nightmare where children disappear into the swamp, serial killers stalk the night, and legendary entities might hold the keys to reestablishing peace. These supernatural terrors cause each of the characters to grapple with their religious beliefs, connections with loved ones, and what matters to them the most.

The divergent narratives throughout the novel add to its surreal tone, with each chapter switching between various perspectives. For example, Jacob and his father's business partner, Dan Bores, seek revenge on Atrakithis. Meanwhile, the residents of Clearmont—including Officers Osbon and Fidelidad—are just trying to figure out what is threatening their town and fight back against it. Among all the insanity, Jonathan Bailey and his son Philip go on a trip to the mystical Avalon to find King Arthur in connection with the prophecy. There is an undeniable cosmic horror aspect to the novel as well. Most of the characters cannot begin to grasp the full picture of their terrifying situation, which adds to the suspense. In short, this story is a page-turner as readers try to understand how all the threads in the tale connect.

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