The Fate of the World Revealed: Be Ready
by Glenna Hartzog

"If you do not know that if you died today, you will go to heaven, you can make the decision right now to turn."

Using the Book of Revelation from the King James Bible, Hartzog lays out a well-articulated pathway to being prepared for the rapture. Fittingly designed for both informed and uninformed audiences, the author delves into scripture to create a unified mindset when processing the end of times, regardless of one's pre-tribulation or post-tribulation stance.

While the world cites man-made predicaments like climate change as the source of its impending demise, Hartzog appeals primarily to an audience of born-again believers to ask Jesus for forgiveness and bask in the Word. Further, the text expresses an acute awareness of the state of the world today and how far sin has come since the Leave it to Beaver days when almost everyone everywhere felt a sense of security in whatever they called their safe haven. Hartzog passionately urges audiences to come into this reading experience with a clean slate and a desire to learn, as there are many examples out there of circular reasoning, false teachings, and downright misinterpretation of scripture that threaten to keep the reader oblivious to scripture’s true power.

The author works hard to erase any misconceptions and give readers a clearly outlined perspective on the difference between pre–tribulation and post-tribulation rapture. Regardless of whether the rapture is before or after the tribulation, the text effectively shows there is value in both schools of thought, as the visceral image of the trumpets sounding as the dead are resurrected in Christ is certainly one to marvel at and use as a source for one’s own awakening. Overall, Hartzog’s work deftly utilizes biblical teachings, such as the Thousand-Year Reign and The Great White Throne Judgment, to further illuminate the lives of believers and help them decipher some of the complexities that they are prone to encounter in their pursuit of the Word.

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