The First Bloodline: Book One: Blood of Cain
by Michael Neville and Roman Neville

"I would like to say it is between good and evil, but it is more like between bad and truly evil."

In this book, the authors explore the theme of good versus evil through the lenses of their protagonist, Michael, who is the son of Cain from the Bible. Cain, of course, is well known for killing his brother Abel. Michael recounts in detail how his father turned him into a creature of the night. One day, Cain savagely attacked his entire family and killed his wife and daughter. However, he forced his three sons to choose between dying or living as eternal evil creatures. They all chose the latter. At that moment, Michael made the sacrifice to lead a life alone and exact revenge on his father for destroying their family. Throughout his journey, he navigates between two worlds—the living and the undead.

From the beginning, the authors provide a detailed description of the main character's emotional and psychological state. For instance, they explain how Beaul, a young girl, touches Michael emotionally. He had forgotten the feeling of kindness for many centuries, as he was too busy fighting off evil forces. So, when he befriends this beautiful girl, Michael is shown by the authors as feeling almost whole again. Her smile and softness reawaken senses he thinks he has lost. He nicknames her "Bee." When she is killed, he is devastated and angry. In addition, the book addresses the theme of a sense of belonging. Indeed, the main character belongs to the undead world while protecting the living from evil monsters, choosing good over evil even though he himself is a monster. Readers will likely appreciate this story because the protagonist never gives up.

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