The Gang of Three: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
by Neel Burton
Acheron Press

"They knew logic and dialectic, but they also knew how to live, and how to die..."

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are ancient thinkers who continue to play a key role in modern ideas. It's hard to look at any philosophical, psychological, or political source without finding at least one topic that originates with this "gang of three." Through this extensive work, Burton explores the impact of the wisdom of these three minds through history, politics, religion, and morality from their day to modern times.

Burton layers not just the impacts of these three famous men but also the philosophies and ideologies that influenced and led up to their works. The first part of the book goes through a detailed history and explanation of the Pre-Socratics and Sophists, so the reader has a clear picture of where many of the "gang's" ideas come from and what made them stand out in their time. The text then moves into looking at the works, philosophies, and impact of each thinker individually and how one subsequently leads into another. Finally, Burton analyzes the place of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle in modern society.

How are these long-dead men continuing to positively impact our present reality? Derived from extensive research, this comprehensive work answers this question and many more in detail. Any reader will gain a wealth of knowledge on history, religion, philosophy, and the origins of modern political ideologies from Burton's book. Through his examination of the history and the various works of each big philosopher and their contemporaries, the author asks readers to examine and build their own philosophy. He expertly illustrates how people can still learn a great deal from these ancient sages. Any reader who loves philosophy, history, and the evolution of ideas will thoroughly enjoy reading Burton’s book about some of humankind's most famous thinkers.

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