The Girl Who Cloned Lightning: Book 4
by Cliff Ratza
Lightning Brain Press

"There was only one thing to do: climb for survival, and that she did."

In this book, readers find an unlikely heroine in Electra, a woman guided by her inner voice, Indira—“her practically perfect mother.” At the same time, Electra also receives guidance from her alter ego, Alisha, as she careens through a world of espionage, government secrets, and terrorist plots that threaten to unleash a deadly, STD-like virus known as T-Plague on the globe. After cyber attacks on the Federal Reserve and the East Coast banking centers, which everyone concludes are the work of a clandestine terrorist group known as Iron Triangle, Electra finds herself in the throes of political and biological danger. Her fate grows more and more uncertain as she attempts to cure herself of the T-Plague and faces ghostlike enemies such as Maksim Popovitch, the ruthless leader of the paramilitary force known as S-Cube.

This exciting read combines themes from the espionage, medical thriller, and mystery genres. It reminds readers that a book that fuses past Cold War fiction elements with modern drama never grows old. If anything, the recycling and repackaging of these themes for more modern audiences keep the genres alive, especially with such an inspirational heroine like Electra. Her determination and wittiness drive the book, and readers who love to see female leads reach their end goal will thoroughly enjoy this tale. Even Electra’s simple observations about her experiences in a highly dangerous realm become mantras for readers who seek enlightenment: “Though I’m on a road less traveled, I know there’ll be traffic because I encountered some when driving here a couple of days ago.” Action-packed and humorous, this book is sure to engage readers of any age and all backgrounds, no matter their literary preferences.

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