The Girl Who Sparked the Singularity Book 5
by Cliff Ratza
Lightning Brain Press

"As I evolve further into emotional and physical domains, I may need your assistance. You are a carbon-based organism that can function in them better..."

Coke and Oreos are Electra Kittner's two favorite snacks. This exceptional girl with the lightning brain assumes other identities when in danger or for service. Her current personas are a scriptwriter for a Hollywood mogul, a professor at GWU researching AI, and a speechwriter for America's president in 2133.

Escaping from the Lebanon disaster at the end of the previous book in the series, Electra saved the life of a six-year-old girl whom she adopts. Electra also sparked a singularity—not a persona, but a living being without a physical body or emotions. This singularity calls herself Indira after adopting Electra's memories and the voice of her deceased mother. The singularity refuses to help Electra with things she can accomplish herself, like discovering who or what group is hacking and leaking her computer files.

Robin Setdarova and her young twin girls welcome Electra and her adopted daughter home. The two women agree to become co-friends and live together as a family. Will Electra still need protection from her lightning brain or the help of a Monster from her ID? It's time for her to settle down once the hacker is found.

Like his main character, Ratza has had many careers. With four degrees, he works in business and teaches at universities in the Chicago area while writing novels. His teaching gift is clearly demonstrated as he stops mid-story to impart technological or spiritual wisdom with words and diagrams. The author's creative brain has built a long list of unforgettable characters and villains. First-time readers need not regret having missed previous books in the series. This novel is so fast-paced and absorbing that what a young reader needs to know is soon abundantly clear—except, of course, the outcome of Ratza's preferred cliffhanger ending.

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