The Golden Key to Success
by Livingstone Gadwell

"There is more gold in your Mind than anywhere else in the universe but it takes Persistence to discover it."

This self-help book is about learning to shift your mind from temporary defeat and failure to build a sustainable and fulfilling life. Gadwell recounts the story of Larry Adams, a man of little education and skills who began working as an errand boy at a local newspaper. It was Larry's dream to work in the advertising department. However, he was not well received by his co-workers. What he lacked in experience he made up for in sheer determination. Larry worked hard to prove that he could succeed in the advertising department. His work resulted in astounding sales for the company. He eventually gained a full-time and well-salaried position with full benefits in the company.

Gadwell uses biblical scripture throughout the book as the groundwork, showing that prayer and determination can lead to achieving one's goals. The story is well written, and it is easy to follow Larry's history. The book's overall message is not specifically spelled out and is left to the reader to perceive. Readers may also be left with a few unanswered questions about how to apply the theory to their own lives. Overall, though, Gadwell successfully uses Larry's story to express how determination and never giving up on one's dreams can result in achieving far more than ever expected. His theory of success is that if one is aware of the golden key to success and applies it consistently, one will not only succeed but get anything desired in life. By absorbing the tale of Larry's ultimate achievement of his dreams, readers can possibly realize similar goals in their own lives.

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