The Great Abortion: A Holy Book for Isolated Souls
by Tourville Delerme Jr.
Author Reputation Press

"I stand over mankind with a hammer."

This collection opens with a line for the ages: "What a strange and curious piece of art." Readers then follow the poems' speaker through a series of poetic narratives and confessions that embrace philosophy, art, and anecdotal flairs fit for any deep thinker: "Remove his honeycomb and he will dry up with spite." Readers also observe as history "turned a card in our game" and rejuvenate themselves in poems like "Children of the New Wine." In other poems, readers find commentary about the current technology-driven state of society: "Carry, type, and speak you speakers... What dumb and wonderfully useful power." By the collection's end, the poems have woven romance, loss, loneliness, crises, and everything in between in order to arrive at the Nile, which demands honor and respect.

Poetry fans seeking a deeper, intellectual reading experience will find that in this book. The poems carefully weave allusions, facts, personal insights, and experiences to form a colorful tapestry in verse. Readers discover clever, playful, but meaningful wordings like "My ears wax dull at the stories of herdsmen not / allowed to drink from their own rivers." These phrases make one pay attention to the collection's linguistics. The verses dig deep into personal and collective memories. The careful placement of not only words and phrases but ultimately the poems themselves creates a synergy that eases readers through the speaker's highs and lows. This book is an exciting read for mature poetry lovers of all backgrounds. It is a collection one will not be able to forget easily.

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