The Hillingdon Files
by Paul A. Cooper

"Dazed, left flat on my back, but very conscious of the overriding smell of butane gas, burning wood, and brick dust, I tried to get a hold on my senses and establish whether I was damaged."

In this international tale regarding kidnapping and ransoms, murder, money laundering, and a syndicate consisting of very dangerous people, the author takes readers through the experiences of DCI Greg Richards, who is attempting to save his police partner and her sister from impending death. His partner, Aleysha, and her sister Maya have been kidnapped. Richards and Kevin (a cousin of the women) chase them around the world, trying to find and save them while they are all working on the case of Hillingdon, an IT worker, who discovered a dangerous computer file that left him in the hospital. Finally finding the two women in Latvia, the men and various police and government agencies try to rescue them and put a drug-running enterprise to death. As the plot thickens, so does the intrigue.

A well-written saga, the book features a complex storyline and offers much intrigue. It is very detailed, and one must pay significant attention to follow everyone and everything that is happening in the novel. In fact, it almost feels at times like one needs a scorecard to keep track of all the different characters and the numerous threads of the tale. However, the book is well-edited, and Cooper's novel grabs the reader's attention with its quick action and compelling storyline. From the very beginning, during an explosion at a house owned by Aleysha, Richards must not only save his life but put it in more danger by working to bring the women home to safety while trying to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Overall, the author's book is nicely done.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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