The Holy Exchange
by Penny McCoy
Stratton Press

"Do my children know their eyes
Are the lamp of their soul
Will they exchange their sight
Blinded by the world"

Over twenty years ago, the author of this book experienced a vision that would see power taken from the powerful and corrupt and given to the righteous and godly to create a more heavenly kingdom here on Earth. Describing the various ways in which humanity around the world has strayed from the path, the vision given to her by God is outlined, showing how and to whom resources and glory will be received. Containing original prose, biblical verses, and lyrical, poetic segments, the format and structure of the book change to best illustrate the plan for this monumental societal change.

Part personal memoir, part spiritual guideline, and part analysis of scripture, this essay will give the faithful, especially those who struggle with religion, something to seriously consider. The personal relation of what the author witnessed will likely make the most powerful impact on the book's readers. A vision of the scales being tipped and evened, redistributing power and honor to those that have lived in service of God is a dream that many who believe in doing good and righteous acts will share and want to see realized. The switching between prose and lyrics keeps the reader engaged. The use of more poetic structure and language when the author shares what God is communicating provides a sense of gravity and beauty to the Creator's language. Students of scripture will be interested in seeing the specific and familiar verses used to flesh out and sculpt the author's points fully. Also, those who await a time of more direct heavenly intervention will find great comfort in the writer's viewpoints.

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