The Hunter: Southeast Asia
by Brad Bagwell
Author Reputation Press

"It’s another case of 7 million people not knowing how close they came to dying. But that’s what we do! We operate in the dark, keeping people safe."

Larry Walker is a man who has a secret agent alter ego, Justin Hunter. The alter ego is switched on when he is given an assignment. Once completed, Larry is none the wiser. This time, however, Larry wakes up not knowing where he is or how he got there but with flashes of his previous mission returning to him. As he begins to piece through his last mission, he realizes that he was tasked with stopping terrorists from setting off a dirty bomb and killing millions. As he relives his time as Justin, he pieces together how he determined where the terrorists would plan to use the dirty bomb and the resources and tactics he used to stop them.

Bagwell's short adventure story draws deeply on the popular special agent trope. Even the use of the alter ego will be easily understood and familiar to fans of the genre due to its appearance in recent books and television series. Despite a few grammatical errors, the narrative reads easily, and the plot progresses quickly. Bagwell uses his protagonist's visions about his alter ego's last deployment to tell the story of that mission. Meanwhile, the reader shares the agent's thought process as he thwarts the bad guys. The author's book is unique in the genre as it doesn’t rely on intense action scenes and seemingly impossible obstacles to drive the story forward. An audience looking for a quick read consumable in a single setting could find this to be just the right mix of adventure and spycraft to entertain them.

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