The Jesus Ring
by Daniel Harry
Covenant Books

"I intend to follow God's instructions to the letter. If God told me to kill you right now, you'd be lying in two pieces..."

A man named Peter Christian recovers a ring that belonged to Jesus and which has been lost for nearly two thousand years. The ring blesses him and his family with extraordinary height, golden skin, and advanced scientific knowledge. They use it to build incredible machines that replicate food and give people perfect bodies. These machines are needed, for the long-prophesied end of the world is nearing. At the behest of Satan, huge dinosaur-like monsters emerge from portals, carrying millions of unredeemed souls back to their home planet to be devoured. Peter and his brothers and their wives, the "golden giants," must use the weaponry they've acquired to protect the innocent people of earth and send the devil's minions back to the abyss. But with billions already dead from earthquakes, nuclear war, and erupting volcanoes, the world is uniquely susceptible to the words of a mysterious Middle Eastern man who promises peace and proclaims himself God in the flesh.

Harry's book moves at a rapid clip, interweaving Peter's romantic exploits with a psychedelic vision of the earth's final days. The author manages to cover an incredible amount of material succinctly. For instance, major episodes like an asteroid collision and the emergence of a new world religion are dispensed within a few paragraphs. Although the book is absorbing throughout, the superhuman nature of the heroes, portrayed as unkillable demigods in the Nietzchean mold, drains any tension from the story. The narrative's take on racial issues also comes across clearly. For example, Africa is described as a land of corrupt savages, and God gives an extended monologue in which he reveals himself as opposed to racial integration. The end of the book depicts a newly restored world, free of pollution and bloodshed, in which the races no longer mix.

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