The Journalist: Life and Loss in America's Secret War
by Jerry A. Rose and Lucy Rose Fischer

"This can be a dangerous place for someone with an artist's soul."

In this biographical account, Fischer relates the life of her late brother, Jerry Rose, with profound honesty. He was a writer and journalist. He was dedicated and passionate and never let anybody prevent him from achieving his goals. He truly believed in his writing, and it paid off. He accepted a teaching job in Vietnam. After two years, he was offered the chance to become a journalist. He did not have any prospective employment in the United States, so he did not pass up this offer. Along the way, he immersed himself in the culture, made great friends, and met his future wife, Kay. Throughout this journey, he would expose the United States' involvement in joining forces with South Vietnam.

In this collaborative work that draws from Jerry's writings, Fischer manages to convey her brother's emotions when he traveled around the Vietnamese countryside to interview peasants. He would think about his life and the other lives he would put at risk in this journey. Internally, he was conflicted, but this still did not stop him from getting to the truth. Even though the Viet Cong threatened him, he sought to pursue his goal. These scenes are important because Fischer candidly points out the fact that her brother had his moments of doubts, but he was ready to expose the truth at all costs. This book is a perfect example of one's perseverance, resilience, and commitment to never give up and keep on going no matter what. Readers will undoubtedly appreciate this memoir because it embodies true passion.

A 2021 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist and da Vinci Eye Finalist

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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