The Land of My Ancestors’ Sepulchers: And the World of a Teacher-Researcher
by Miranda P. Yeoh
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"I wasn’t afraid to be alone; it was time to reflect and pray."

In this book, readers discover a life of cultural balance, educational pursuit, and familial devotion. At its core is a careful examination of the author’s faith, which serves as the cornerstone of her life. Yeoh’s work also explores her unique ancestry. She is a descendant of the Peranakan, who, in the 1400s, sailed the seas and established themselves in places like Malaysia.

Other sections of the book discuss the value of constantly challenging one’s intellect as the narrative shares about the author’s educational endeavors as a lifelong learner. Throughout the book, readers also gain insight into how to overcome adversity, struggle, and the surprising conflicts that form the loud or quiet storms in life. By the book’s end, readers have not only traveled through one person’s unique and well-lived experiences but also discovered the author’s insights about how to live a full, meaningful spiritual life.

This book is part memoir, part spiritual devotion. The book’s power lies in the way it interweaves personal reflection, memories, and scripture with quiet encouragement to keep pursuing a better life and a better tomorrow. Also, the author’s work opens significant questions about identity and ancestry and poses unique ideas about what it means to be a global citizen. Yeoh’s book also makes readers think about how their actions impact others and the importance of carefully considering their words and actions. For those looking for a faith-based memoir, this is an excellent read, one that they are sure to recommend to many others time and time again.

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