The Last Son of Charybdis
by Gabriel Anthony Lopez

"He had one message to give as he linked up with the robot to all remaining Charybdisians. Leave or die."

Byeolsu is a carefree youth on the planet of Charybdis I, born into the upper class of the Imperial Council and with no worries regarding the mining caste or the rising insurrection. He is focused only on playing games of bainet, while those close to him are torn between preparing him for his destiny and protecting him from a dangerous and deadly fate. When the insurrection begins, a shadowy figure named Enceladus starts to stalk and hunt Byeolsu and his companions. Amidst the chaos, Byeolsu is forced to flee to the abandoned planet of Charybdis II, where he learns of his true calling as the future leader of the Charybdisians. Needing to save his family and protect himself, Byeolsu must make a decision that will determine the safety of his people as well as his own life.

This science fiction tale is packed with immersive detail, freeing the reader to use their imaginations to ascertain the meaning of many specially created terms peppered throughout the story for flavor. There is a constant push toward action from fairly early in the story, and readers will have to deduce many of the details of the story and the upcoming twists of the plot as they advance through each chapter. The elements of prophecy and ancient vanished cultures offer an opportunity for rich lore that can potentially be explored in future installments of this story, as there is plenty of room for continuation. Readers who like their science fiction shown to them rather than explained in grand exposition will dive right into the unfamiliar desert world of Charybdis I and place themselves in the middle of the action, eager to see what Byeolsu will get involved with next.

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