The Lethal Elixir
by Dennis Ross
Archway Publishing

"’If you don’t stop that, I may think you’ve had a respiratory arrest and have to perform CPR,’ she joked."

Maggie Hamilton is an infectious disease specialist. When two mysterious cases of Ebola show up in Chicago, Maggie is tasked with controlling the situation. She is quickly partnered with Mack, a handsome FBI agent, who is trying to find the source of the outbreak and determine if there has been an intentional release of the virus. As the two work to control the virus, the web of those who are connected to the case increases in size. It isn’t long before more cases emerge in other parts of the country.

As Mack narrows his search to a mysterious cell phone user, Maggie rushes to stop those infected from dying. Mack and Maggie find themselves extremely attracted to each other, but if they don’t get control of this virus outbreak immediately, the United States could spiral into a full panic. The pair must consider if the outbreak is deliberate and if major panic is the intended goal.

Ross writes an interesting outbreak thriller that does a good job of feeling believable without overwhelming the reader with too much research on the subject. The author’s style is direct, with sentences designed to keep propelling the narrative ahead. The characters are likable even if they come across as a little clichéd. Ross offers a solid entry in the biological thriller genre, and fans of Michael Crichton or Richard Preston who are looking to find other writers in the field might enjoy giving this book a try. Readers enamored with this subset of the thriller will find an enjoyable read that should meet their expectations.

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