The Maltese Attack
by Jay Perin
East River Books

"If the White House and the CIA were indeed involved, the crisis Temple was trying to stave off had arrived."

In a mistake he's lived to regret, Senator Temple let a corrupt businessman go free. Now that same businessman has taken over the world's biggest energy sector. It's hard enough dealing with the tensions going on back home through the politics, the scandals, and even the heartbreaks—let alone the rising conflict in the Middle East. To make matters worse, the only ones who can help the senator are the oil tycoon families who are too greedy to depend on. Will Temple be able to thwart the criminal mastermind, or will old grudges and corruption get the better of them all?

Frequently historical fiction can become bogged down, making the reading experience much more like that of a school lesson. Thankfully, this story keeps an even balance. It gives historical fiction fans plenty of history while giving thriller and fiction fans the action and suspense they're craving. In fact, there's enough here to keep almost every reader happy. Even romance fans can get a little something out of this story. Perin's book has many different interesting elements and themes, keeping readers intrigued and ready for more when the series continues. The characters, such as the protagonist, are well developed and interesting enough to keep anyone reading engaged. They are also likable enough to keep readers rooting for them. The plot moves quickly enough to prevent boredom, which again can often plague other historical fiction, but not so speedily as to skip details pertinent to the general storyline. Readers will definitely be ready to jump back in when the next book in this series comes out.

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