The Men of Genesis
by Alda Stephens
Author Reputation Press

"God was, is and always will be the answer."

Author Stephens' chronological treatise focuses on the major male characters in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. She begins with Noah, a righteous man in a world that, since the time of Adam and Eve, has fallen into sinful ways. Following God's instructions, Noah builds a huge boat, the Ark. He fills it with two of every species of animal and all of his family to survive a horrendous worldwide flood and preserve the commandments of God for future generations. Noah's line of heirs is traced to Abram, who would again secure divine blessings for his descendants, the Israelites. His son Isaac, who his father almost sacrifices by God's command, is saved by God's angel. Next is Joseph, whose trials as a prisoner of the Egyptians and his rise to prominence among his captors as an interpreter of dreams are precipitated when his jealous brothers sell him into slavery. But in the end, he forgives them and reunites the family.

Stephens offers her comprehensive biblical knowledge to younger people, challenging them to read the book of Genesis with a new understanding based on a broader view of God's constant care in directing all these men toward righteousness. It is a powerful theme emphasized by Stephens, whose background encompasses a career in engineering and many years as a Sunday school teacher and community outreach volunteer. Her narrative is simple, spiritually centered, and enhanced by questions, small quizzes, and several colorful graphs and timelines for her readers. She introduces the Bible and its heroes as illustrative of larger concepts, demonstrating that even when someone is injured, deceived, or ridiculed, they can maintain an open relationship with God. Her message is clear and rational and would certainly be useful to teachers like herself and their young students in a religious setting.

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