The Milkman Story
by Paul Robbins

"It was not until I met the Milkman that I actually heard the gospel."

Writer Robbins has had a long journey from his childhood. The son of an atheist Jewish father and an agnostic Jewish mother, he was sent to Hebrew school and learned by necessity how to disguise himself as a gentile in various contexts. The name of Jesus was forbidden in their home. In high school and beyond, Robbins had the urge to wander, adapting a hip lifestyle in a self-designed truck camper that looked like a tiny chapel due to his carpentering skills. Christian evangelism was then on the rise, so Robbins explored it but remained spiritually conflicted.

Robbins roamed from commune to commune, read the Bible, and married a woman of Christian faith. The two found a church setting that suited them and met Pastor Al Isaksen. Pastor Al was a milkman whose many revelations and small miracles led him to a life of preaching. As Robbins styles it, Pastor Al delivered the pure milk—the gospel of Jesus—so that those who were ready could receive it and, in their turn, share it.

Robbins, who now acts as the director of Comfort My People, a ministry to Jewish people and others, successfully combines memoir with a vibrant manual for acquiring, comprehending, and expanding the Christian faith. In his careful planning of this book, Robbins consulted with Pastor Al. Though the preacher was slowly fading from life, he issued one statement that the author took as a blessing on the project: “It must be about Jesus.” Thus, the author was given the impetus he sought to interweave personal recollections, especially regarding his spiritual relationship with Isaksen, around a deeply devout, nondenominational Christian theme. Robbins offers a unique, multi-faith understanding, a perspective that will doubtless attract those who have been seeking a straight, simple path to religious truth and action.

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