The Package
by James Rozhon
Gotham Books

"I was still a target, though. This target was going to fight back, however, because it was in her nature."

Fiercely independent, Morgahna Hamilton has goals: to work her way up the ranks of her reporting job, have an expensive home in a good neighborhood, and keep her husband, Evan, at a comfortable emotional distance so he does not get in the way of her plans. But her whole life blows apart with Evan’s unexpected suicide. When Morgahna tries to dig deeper into the reasons behind Evan’s death, she ends up brutally attacked and left for dead. The attack and the subsequent weeks of trying to heal and stay hidden from her assailants begin to turn her into a whole new person.

To find out what happened to her, Morgahna starts to rely on and trust people for the first time in her life. Her journey to the truth makes her face her inner demons, such as why she never opened up physically or emotionally with her husband and how she has been racist for most of her life. She also contends with forces outside her control: corrupt lawyers, violent lackeys, and unexpected betrayals. After uncovering and encountering more violent deaths, Morgahna and her allies must race against time to bring killers to justice.

Morgahna’s transformation over the course of the novel is almost more interesting than the drama she uncovers. As her face changes completely after her beating, so does her personality, and the story follows her emotional journey from a cold and calculating harpy to an empathetic survivor. The protagonist’s metamorphosis is not complete or immediate. Several passages where she uses racial slurs with her black friends or when she insults her one female ally make it difficult to relate to her progress. Additionally, the plot’s many characters can sometimes be hard to distinguish. However, Morghana pieces together the seemingly disparate plot points to unearth a grippingly evil scheme in this action-packed thriller.

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