The Perfect Gift Something Special
by Emma L. Price
ELP Books

"On the way home from school that day, Marlon saw a ‘FREE PUPPIES’ sign. That’s it! I’ll ask Miss Yamaguchi if my gift could be a puppy."

In this delightful book for young readers, Marlon is on a quest to find the perfect gift for children at the children's hospital. He considers everything from shiny marbles to puppies. However, with each gift he suggests, his teacher Miss Yamaguchi says, "That would never do." Just when readers see Marlon almost defeated and ready to give in to his frustration, they join him for an afternoon with his grandparents. Suddenly, a brilliant idea strikes him. After thinking about what made him feel better when he was sick as a child, Marlon remembers a beloved gift from his grandparents. From something old, Marlon crafts something new, something that even Miss Yamaguchi agrees will bring joy to the children in the children's hospital.

This book is the perfect way to teach children the power and importance of giving and thinking of others. Marlon is not only "a great thinker," but he is also a great role model. His generosity will inspire young readers to pursue acts of kindness on their own. As they watch Marlon embrace his talent for handcrafts, young readers will also learn the power and importance of the arts. Most of all, they discover a valuable lesson: the best gifts are often the ones given from the heart. With its message of paying forward kindness via small acts that will make the largest difference to others, this book tells a much-needed story. Like other children's books such as William's Christmas Dream, it bears an important message about being a light to others and how people can ultimately find their own happiness by doing so.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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