The Plans He Has for Me: A Twelve-Week Daily Devotional for Freedom from Alcohol
by Rose Ann Forte
Ignite Press

"Thank you, Jesus, for the sacrifice you have made which allows me to put all my past sin in the rearview mirror."

There is no substitute for experience, and this has never been more true than in Forte’s work, a memoir of emergence from trying times through faith that functions as a roadmap for others still mired in addiction to find the exit to God’s word. What makes the work particularly meaningful is its ability to simultaneously provide big-picture realizations on the subjects of gratitude, mindfulness, and introspection while never straying away from Forte’s own redemption story.

Equipped with the ultimate appreciation for her audience’s struggle, Forte removes all remnants of shame and guilt, only focusing on the one label that matters: being made in God’s image. Themes of accountability and commitment to themselves, service, and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ redefine Forte’s experiences, steering her out of the habits and routine that pulled her into the darkness. The vulnerability and openness with which she describes this darkness, and the light after, is a blessing of hope. More importantly, the microscopic chronicling of her efforts, broken down by each day to demonstrate the natural progression of ups and downs over the course of twelve weeks, is incredibly eye-opening.

Sustainability is central to the author’s mission as she essentially aspires to reprogram human minds toward prayer and away from addiction. As the days progress, Forte paints a realistic picture of the process by acknowledging that knowledge is easier than practice and one that audiences can emulate while taking in the soothing nature of the scripture at the beginning of each section. Overall, Forte effectively integrates faith with transformation to provide an incredible glimpse into the experiences and mindset of an alcohol addict’s evolution into the person they were meant to be in the likeness of the Lord.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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