The Poet’s Compilation
by Anthony Francis Balinger
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"And I am so blessed for the stirring
Within my soul to sing,
To Sing the words...That I once was here,
And loved everything."

In an ode to the act of living, Balinger combines both poetry and presentation to deliver an enjoyable reading experience. Broken down by sections that delve into a particular element of being human, the compilation is a heartwarming, feel-good work that serves as a reminder to those mired in the day-to-day chaos to slow down and appreciate the beauty of existing as a human on this planet.

Using the moon as the primary resource, Balinger writes tender verses on love and recognizing the pure, blissful moment of being in the evening moonlight with a loved one. The commemoration of life through wine, love, and music is depicted throughout the sections as a way to turn time into a magician, to stop it and be merry before night gives way to tomorrow. Interestingly, it is Balinger’s ability to fuse sensual poetry with authentic feelings, such as the imagery of fingers tracing over a beloved’s face or “eyes singing love songs,” that stands out.

In the same vein as the bond between lovers, the eternal bond between mankind and nature is reflected through poems like “Oh to Walk the Forest Green,” where the majesty of the forest coming to life is filled with serenity. Whether it is the forest or the dancing of the oceans, the poems are infused with a genuine love for living that gives the work an endearing quality. Aside from love and nature subjects, the poetry uses the context of existence to demonstrate the unyielding connection between numbers and God, as well as the heartbreaking imagery of the devastation caused by war. Above all else, through all forms of love, Balinger’s work implores readers to peer within and pursue whatever it is that fuels their fire for life.

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