"When we pull the petals from a flower, we say 'she loves me, she loves me not.'"

The author has combined humor and wisdom in a self-help manual based on his own experience. Although the book is aimed specifically at the younger male, both sexes will find thoughtful advice. This short volume is written in the supportive tone of a wise uncle.

Young men do not lack an interest in sex. However, they need wisdom on how to not emotionally undermine themselves and their partners in the process of acquiring skills in the sexual arena. As a result of youthful experimentation, intimacy often develops negative connotations. In this book, the author associates intimacy with touch, the kind that thrills every person and bonds a couple together. Because women are the holders of "Flower Power," they may be more invested in finding a man who does not fear intimacy. During normal relations, they give a man permission to explore. Young men need to respect and attend to a woman's needs since their own results are practically guaranteed by nature.

In the first chapter, Holley boldly writes about his own experiences. He candidly describes how his early sexual activity was encouraged by older teen females and some women and that it was years before he ejaculated. Much later, after becoming a father, he knew and loved himself enough to be a true partner in his exploits. This is a mature man's guide to healthy sexual relationships, from boyhood to manhood. Holley's handling of delicate topics is always witty and insightful. Masterfully working a few clich├ęs in with well-known backroom lingo, the author displays the grace of a skilled teacher and inspires his readers.

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