The Quest to Overthrow Heaven
by Bolko Zimmer
Outskirts Press

"Victory is at hand! Retrieve the slain angels in the water below and use them as shields! We will now attack heaven!"

Lucifer is a celebrated prince of Heaven, favored by many angels for his agile racing on celestial winged horses. But while the other divine inhabitants of Heaven are content to follow directions from the Supreme Spirit without question, Lucifer develops a curiosity that will become his downfall. Lucifer’s pride and inquisitiveness lead to him stealing from Heaven, corrupting the new denizens of Earth, and eventually ruling over demonic forces in his own dark territories. All the while, he schemes to take the diamond throne of Heaven for himself.

While Lucifer’s fall from grace and subsequent attempts to conquer Heaven take up the majority of the plot, this book also shares what transpires on Earth throughout its first millennia. Stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, and eventually Immanuel show how angels and demons influence mortals’ faith and behavior. Some of the most enjoyable parts of the book are in the author’s liberties with the more confusing aspects of biblical stories. For example, angels help Noah’s family build their ark, and their heavenly abilities allow for strong craftsmanship and even an elevator to help with animal transport.

This ambitious story is difficult to categorize. While it covers much of the plot of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, it is not a simple novelization of the sacred book. It features original characters, such as Destrael, Heaven’s loyal and most adept destroying angel. It weaves in theological details and explanations without taking away from the action in the story, such as the succinct description of how and why the Supreme Spirit can be considered one being and three beings at once. The author gives colorful descriptions of the lives and surroundings of angels and mortals alike. Through this expansive detail, the text breathes new life into familiar characters and settings.

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