"'Well, I was a good, God-loving child from a Christian upbringing that was thrown into a world of alcohol and meth.'"

The two short stories in this book take readers on psychological, spiritual adventures. In "The Secret," readers follow one young man's journey through solitary confinement, the grieving process, as well as self-forgiveness. As young Wayne navigates these, he struggles to find a way to preserve the one thing from his father's death that he considers precious: a secret, one that has the potential to change the world, and potentially the universe, forever. In "Hunting Virgins," the realities of drug and meth addiction take readers on a horrific adventure not for the weak at heart. Five men, all considered to be the best in hazardous tree removal, find themselves on a quest to fell the largest trees on the planet in a remote patch of Siberia. As a perilous adventure unfolds, the five men realize that they are on the brink of disaster, though it could unfold to reveal paradise.

With their spiritual focus and real-world characters who could be the neighbor next door, these stories provide readers with glimmers of hope amidst the darkness, even when the stories take a fantastical twist. As the characters in each tale navigate personal struggles that seem to place them at the bottom of the world's deepest moral and emotional pits, the characters remind readers of the remedy that cures all ailments—God's love. Most of all, as the adventures in these stories unfold in daring ways, so do strange and seemingly unknown paths which the characters take step by step, reminding the book's audience that the path to peace is often the most treacherous one. For those seeking spiritually minded fiction with a bit of adventure and without the gore, sex, and foul language of mass-market fiction, this book becomes a welcome read, one that will immerse readers from cover to cover.

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