"He had learned about his five senses in class and decided to use them!"

A story for early learners, this book is not only a nice introduction to the five senses but also a good mystery. It begins with a biblical quote regarding love. The tale then introduces Gil, a little boy who is late to school and misses having a snack with his classmates and teacher. Because he knows he wants to be a detective when he grows up, he decides to use his sleuthing skills to solve the mystery of what the classmates ate for their snacks. He does this by asking his teacher and peers what they tasted, smelled, saw, heard, and felt. The reader is then invited to help Gil figure out what everyone in the class ate. In the end, the questions are answered, and the reader is congratulated for helping to solve the mystery.

This cute beginner's book with fun illustrations engages the reader in using the sense of sight. It does a nice job of explaining the senses and how they are used daily. In solving the mystery, each sense gives valuable clues, as do Gil's peers in providing the information needed. Focusing on engaging the reader, encouraging the reader, and congratulating the reader makes this a reader-friendly book. The biblical quote at the beginning of the story may be off-putting for some. However, those same readers will, unfortunately, miss out on this very nice read. The story is one most early learners will enjoy while learning about their five senses and having a basic mystery to solve.

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