The Socrates Option
by James Rozhon
Gotham Books

"I unfolded the paper and found something that was supposed to scare me. Written in letters clipped from a newspaper, it read, 'Don’t make waves. Leave this alone.'"

This first book in the author's Doctor Six series introduces readers to Doctor Evangeline Sixkiller-Collins Collins—"Doctor Six" for short, and "Evie" to family and friends. She and her family have recently moved from California to Kalispell, Montana, where Doctor Six has been hired as the new town doctor, replacing the long-time physician who has died. Also an experienced skier, Doctor Six is pressed into service as a member of a team sent to search in the Whitefish Mountains for a lost hiker. When she finds him dead at the bottom of a cliff, Doctor Six finds a few troubling signs that his death was not an accident. However, the local coroner disagrees.

Troubled by his official ruling that the death was accidental, Doctor Six begins to ask questions about the hiker, who was a local in town. Almost immediately, she begins to receive anonymous threats. After she ignores the first warning, the threats grow more personal and dangerous, and what transpires in the following weeks threatens her marriage, her family, and even her life.

The story is told in the first person, a point of view that is becoming more and more common within the mystery genre. The author has told the tale in a relaxed and conversational tone, which comes across like sitting down with a friend or colleague to hear about what's been going on in her life. And, just as in a casual talk between two people, the protagonist sometimes briefly wanders from the primary story to give readers glimpses into her background, family, beliefs, and feelings, making for an easy and entertaining read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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