The Spirit of Everything: Awakening to a Miraculous Life
by Sharon Jogerst
Balboa Press - A Division of Hayhouse

"I had been suspended on the border between the physical and ethereal worlds. This experience reassured me, with absolute certainty, that there is nothing to fear."

At age three, the author and her sister experienced a telepathic, out-of-body occurrence providing an incredible sense of light-bathed peace. They found themselves flying together above their little sleeping bodies. From that point, Jogerst became aware something was different about her, placing her directly in touch with the spiritual. Her memoir tells the story of a life rich with "heightened sensitivity." Provided are detailed examples of intuition concerning other people's energy fields. The author examines the majestic nature of dreams as a "sacred space," delivering spiritual guidance for daily life. Such phenomena as the third eye, clairvoyance, psychic healing, and eternal consciousness are explored. Past times are revisited, including with loved ones who've passed away. A compassionate chapter on animals explains how they "merge energetically" with people in their lives. Karma, reincarnation, chakras and auras, early life trauma, the power of forgiveness, and meditation exercises are detailed. Finally, Jogerst explains one's "energetic signature," a unique frequency vibration defining our very being.

In sharing her compelling personal account, Jogerst's material can serve as a guide for others interested in issues of healing, realizing one's true nature, drawing insight from dreams, and more. The material itself is fascinating, but this book shines on another level as well. Specifically, Jogerst is quite a gifted, natural storyteller. Her writing—word choice, anecdotal passages reading like poetry, the structure of the book's various components—all combine to achieve an impressive tome. The inclusion of insightful, relevant quotations from various thinkers, religious figures, and writers acts as bookmarks between chapters. And the fascinating information flows naturally from one section to another, culminating in a well-produced, thoughtful account of the author's spiritual self. All the more appealing is that, as is suggested throughout, such deep insights are available to everyone by being spiritual humans in this universe.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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