"Spiritual and mental transformation requires two in partnership: God the Holy Spirit and man."

Missionary, preacher, and religious instructor Njoroge imparts knowledge gained in his life of service to fellow Christians in this illuminating manual. He asserts that once individuals have a regenerative conversion experience, there follows a long process involving mental sustenance and regular practice. The church, its ministers, teachers, and community of believers all participate in this process. New believers must begin the transformative activities immediately (the author recommends within twenty-four hours after the conversion). God's grace provides the first step, endowed when people open their hearts to him. They must then seek further knowledge, make prayer part of their lives, and observe days and rites of the Christian calendar as faithfully as possible. Reading scripture and practicing asceticism strengthens the connection to God and helps one adopt the mental practice of attributing all life's occurrences, no matter how simple, to him. This transformation can work equally in children, teens, and older people.

Njoroge is a Kenyan who came to Jesus in his youth and connected with an American missionary with whom he did evangelical work, first in his home country and then later in the U.S. where he now resides. He has a well-considered perspective based on personal observation of the way that Jesus Christ can transform lives. He sagely states that while there is no perfect church, the Church itself survives. He also does not stress one Christian group as superior to others. He does, however, advise against yielding to ego by imagining that we can solve our own problems. Sanctification, he states, "is a lifelong process," and allying with a community of believers helps sustain it. Njoroge's book offers useful resources from other earlier Christian practitioners as well as helpful strategies for transformation. It focuses sharply on genuine necessities for leading a God-centered life, inspiring further study of this significant subject.

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