The Theory of Evolution Is a Joke
by Danny Erhardt
Green Sage Agency

"The universe has a better chance to create a car accidentally from scratch over millions of years than even one DNA molecule."

The author of All the Secrets of the Universe delivers a scathing commentary on the theory of evolution while substantiating his viewpoints with supporting and irrefutable evidence from scripture. Erhardt's narrative is engaging, and his conversational and unrestrained approach toward evolution keeps audiences hooked. There is very little beating around the bush. In fact, Erhardt is crystal clear in his opinion that Darwin's theory of evolution and the Big Bang are downright outlandish buffoonery.

The author creates an environment within this book where, regardless of which side one may be on, it is impossible not to stop and listen to Erhardt's argument. He is pleading with society, urging individuals to be introspective and discern the layers of lies fed to them. In an age-old clash between science (evolution) and religion, Erhardt takes a scientific approach toward religion to systematically deconstruct the theory of evolution and other non-biblical beliefs and instill within the reader an appreciation for God's truth from the Bible itself.

With every word uttered within the cover of this piece, Erhardt's fearlessness and determination to reveal his truth about the universe's origin becomes apparent. Calling evolution "a fairy tale masquerading as science," he pits the situation as Satan's Genesis versus the Bible's Genesis. Interestingly, Erhardt maintains a dynamic balance between the animated and engaging voice with which he has so clearly captured the reader's attention and his tackling of science from his own scientific evidence. For example, Erhardt spends a good chunk of this book providing examples of microevolution, or "variation within a species," as he calls it. Then, he attempts to turn the tables with his onslaught on natural selection and the notion that one species can adapt into another.

Unsurprisingly, Erhardt suggests the existence of a conspiracy mounted by evolutionists and textbooks where the truth of the Lord is often left out. Yet, he poses one question, wondering how it is that, as currently perceived, the creation of life was entirely accidental. In reality, nothing about science is accidental, as he proves with the example of the Miller-Urey amino acids. Conversely, using the Miller-Urey amino acids sequences, he demonstrates that everything within the realm of science is intentional. From recapitulation theory to the Galapagos Islands, Erhardt is adamant about bringing down the facade built and exacerbated over a century.

Briefly examining the discussion of evolution from the other side, Erhard speculates why human beings are of different races and languages, etc. Then, as his counterargument, he cites Genesis 11, the story of the Tower of Babel, to clarify through scripture how humanity went from one people and one language to a civilization divided on many fronts. Comprehensive at its core, the text dives further, studying the biblical origin of dinosaurs and juxtaposing those views with the evolutionists' claim that dinosaurs roamed the earth for hundreds of millions of years.

Undeniably, Erhardt's prose and tone work in tandem to provide not just an educational experience of the truth but also an entertaining one that refrains from the density of historical textbooks. As the book progresses, readers will get a glimpse of the larger work, All the Secrets of the Universe, from which this text is derived. In it, readers will see an even more impassioned and deliberate assessment of contemporary happenings like Black Lives Matter and global warming. Above all else, Erhardt is steadfast in his resolve and believes that his side of the story, of scripture and truth, must be told to at least give humanity a fair shake at coming to their own conclusion rather than being entranced in Satan's deception.

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