"Paul's letter to the Romans is the beginning point of the Christian faith."

In this third book in his series focused on the biblical apostle Paul's letter to Christians in Rome, author Zao expresses convictions based on careful analysis of this and other gospels. He closely explores Chapters 12-16 of the Book of Romans, drawing from them the symbolism of the "Old Humanity" and the "New Man." The former, he believes, is to be seen as all humans who lived on earth up until the time of Christ's crucifixion and who symbolically died with him then. Afterward, Christ becomes the New Man, affording believers the chance to be made anew in his grace, renounce older religious approaches, and embrace a freshly conceived church. Just as Moses was given the vision to build the first tabernacle, so Paul had the vision to construct a metaphorical "temple" of faith centered on the life and teachings of Jesus. Doing so revealed the mystery of the New Humanity and provided a concise manual for Christian living.

Zao retired after military service and a real estate career, teaches Bible studies, and has devoted several years to examining Romans. He is concerned that many who consider themselves Christians have reverted to Old Humanity values, certain they can please God while still attached to a fleshly life. Through Paul's revelations, they may be convinced to practice the new principles outlined in Romans. In viewing these chapters, Zao quotes liberally from other Pauline epistles, notably Corinthians, Galatians, and Ephesians. He earnestly reminds his readers that anyone can be a speaker for God's message and that all in the church have an obligation to new believers. Zao offers a dynamic perspective on walking in the New Life, underpinned by the wisdom of Paul—a man whom God granted special visions of that possibility.

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