The World Against Her Skin
by John Thorndike
Beck & Branch Publishers

"As the light fades until it’s fully dark, she stands beside the window letting the cold air bathe her face and chest. She’s trapped in this room and in the life she’s made."

In his incredibly compelling book, Thorndike retells the story of his mother's life. Ginny, a once content and fulfilled anesthesiologist with a family she could be proud of, risks it all to be with Rich, her passionate lover of four years. After Rich unexpectedly leaves her immediately after she decides to leave her husband and sons behind, she feels her life fall apart piece by piece. Ginny becomes an alcoholic, completely dependent on gin and her sedative pills. Her sons witness her transformation from the loving, responsible mother she had always been to a hollow woman with no purpose.

Ginny wants to be better for her boys. On occasion, she goes several days without a drink in order to visit them and prove to them that she can do it. However, her sobriety never lasts longer than ten days. She tries to stay busy with work but can't keep the painful memories from her past at bay. So, back to the bottle she goes until her life consists of nothing else.

Readers easily connect with the author as he reveals his truest feelings for his mother. He describes her deepest faults, her grief and regret, and her inability to overcome her addiction. Yet, while his mother's decisions have affected him greatly, his love for her is apparent. This intriguing book accurately depicts those who suffer from addiction and would be great for readers who have also been affected by a loved one's abuse of drugs and alcohol. The message received through the story of loss, regret, grace, and love is one worth reading.

The 2023 Eric Hoffer Book Award Best in Micro Pres winner

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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