The Wrong Side of Bravery
by Marshall Ginevan
PageTurner Press and Media

"We're a team. Let's work together. Help each other."

Mike Marshall loses his father during the Vietnam War. He has made a promise to him that one day he will become a Marine officer. His father's death motivates him more than ever to achieve this goal. During every summer break while in college, he volunteers to go to Vietnam for his Marine Reserve duties. His hard work and dedication impress Mike's superiors and his squad. After several years of training and experience in the field, he finally reaches his goal and becomes a Marine officer. Because of his work ethic, many want to work with him, so he accepts a position as a DEA agent. However, during one of his investigations, Mike shoots and kills a drug dealer in self-defense, but the evidence says otherwise. He is put on a trial and must now prove his innocence.

In his work, Ginevan tackles police corruption and an unfair judicial system. His protagonist, Mike, gets entangled in a self-defense situation gone wrong. First, the falsification of the evidence and the lying testimonies from fellow police officers taints Mike’s case. The author does a good job of giving each character a unique voice that makes them stand out. Their personalities shine through the dialogue. For instance, Ginevan describes Mike as a hard-working, dedicated, and determined man who never backs down, no matter what. And when he is put on trial, he does not give up even though all the odds are against him. His resilience helps him to get through the ordeal, and he is determined at all costs to show that he is not the guilty party. Readers will appreciate this book because of its many twists and turns. On top of that, the author exposes the harsh realities of a failed judicial system that causes harm to the innocent.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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