"Children are unaware of the dangers surrounding them in this world, and parents must be the ones who direct and guide their steps."

In many ways, parents are stewards of the future, directly affecting what the world will look like by their parenting styles. Durrenberg's text embodies the integration of biblical principles into parenting that stems from loving the Lord. This is a guide immersed in faith and practicality that comprehensively examines many angles of parenting, including the author's own experiences. It gives audiences an in-depth perspective on faith-based parenting while also emphasizing one's responsibility to ingrain a fusion of morality, love, empathy, and faith in their child.

For Durrenberg, the call to action comes from running her church's preschool, nursery, and childcare departments, eventually evolving into her master's thesis on parents becoming true leaders of their homes. As the author distinguishes between a successful life in the eyes of the world and God's long-term goals of loving him and others, her focus is on helping others understand the different styles and finding the balance to not only be able to establish their own style but also to ultimately answer the key "Who am I?" question beyond material existence.

Dissecting the various styles ranging from permissive and authoritative to uninvolved and balanced with discipline, Durrenberg clearly and emphatically highlights the importance of setting appropriate boundaries and following through on them. One without the other is meaningless. To provide a stronger platform of relatability beyond just scripture, the author takes the audience through a history of families throughout time, including, but not limited to, the middle ages, Rome, and even the Elizabethan age. Through it all, Durrenberg advises that scripture is the tool that will help parents remove even the most stubborn of obstacles from their parenting paths and to live a life of accountability and generosity. Always clear and informative, Durrenberg's work is a meaningful guide for parents everywhere.

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